Ways to Recognize Your Grandparents in Your Wedding

If you are fortunate enough to own your grandmother, grandfather, or even both grandparents gift at your marriage, that alone is cause for celebration. If you want to make certain they stand out a little more on your particular day, there are loads of ways to reveal your appreciation and love of your grandma and grandfather. Listed below are our favourites.


A Special Dance

For many couples, first dances and parent dances are a given. But why don’t you catch your grandparents to get an extra-special twist on the dance floor also? Or, you can let them both share a unique couple’s dancing in the spotlight, in celebration of the love for each another, in addition to you. Not only can it take them back in time, but it is a fantastic chance to create lasting memories you will cherish forever. (It also makes for a wonderful photo op!) Bonus points if you play with their wedding tune!



Technically, your grandparents began it all. Acute and subtle approach to pay homage to Grandma and Grandpa may be by putting photos in their very own wedding day on a particular table or mantle inside your party space.  As said by our top contributor Neil over at Neil Atkinson Photography “Paired with photographs by the own parents’ and in-laws’ weddings also, it is a special way to show family weddings throughout the generations, and also provides an extra-personal touch with your decor”.


If you are still in need of something borrowed or something gloomy, we are positive that Grandma will be honoured to talk about a classic piece of jewellery, handkerchief, or other things of sentimental value.


Flower Grandma and Ring Bearer Grandpa

By now, we have all seen the viral tales and photographs of getting adorable grandparents reverse characters and function as flower girls or ring bearers to their grandchildren. (Why did not we think of the sooner!?) Using them in these exceptional roles, you are going to add a heartwarming facet to your service when allowing them to stand out and have their very own unique moment walking down the aisle.



Irrespective of style or spiritual affiliation, couples possess the chance to have special guests talk or perform a reading in their marriage ceremony. Rather than allowing the officiant, a buddy, or an uncle do all of the talking, why don’t you ask your grandparents? Maybe they have a favourite poem or prayer they’d love to dedicate for you or want to share a quick anecdote. Work together to choose the ideal piece, and they will make a personal and memorable addition to your service while feeling extremely honoured at precisely the same moment.


Dress them to the Nines

You are not the only person who wants to look great on your big moment! As the wedding approaches, go out shopping with your grandparents to guarantee they have the ideal wedding-day outfit. (Insert in a distinctive lunch break also to make the day extra merry and momentous.) After that, honour them about the day itself by finishing their appearance with a gorgeous corsage or boutonniere.


You might even consider getting your grandma join the remainder of your wedding celebration on the morning of whether she would like to have any glam time with the women.

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